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Marvelous Light’s Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Marvelous Light’s Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Due to the increasing concern regarding the virus that causes COVID-19 (previously known as 2019 novel coronavirus) Marvelous Light takes the position of being not only prayerful, but also proactive in reducing our susceptibilities to the illness while gathering together.


Until further notice, Marvelous Light will practice social distancing, while continuing to have worship.


In consideration of the transmission of the virus, please be mindful of the following practices associated with your attendance of worship services:

    1. SYMPTOMS – If you are sick with cold symptoms including but not limited to fever and respiratory issues, please live stream services online in lieu of attending services in person.

    2. PHYSICAL CONTACT – Suspend handshaking, hand-holding, hugging, and kissing in favor of the fist bump and/or elbow bump.

    3. SEATING – Limit seating to every other seat, to maintain at least 2 feet between individual worshipers.

    4. COUGHING – Cover coughs and sneezes with tissues and then throw those tissues away. At a minimum, cover coughs with the sleeve of the elbow and not the hands.

    5. HAND WASHING – Wash hands frequently with soap and warm water for a minimum 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use alcohol-based hand sanitizer. When using hand sanitizer, allow the solution to air dry in order to benefit most from its usage.

    6. COMMUNION – We will continue to utilize prepackaged sacraments for our Communion Service during the first Sunday in April. Additionally, everyone will come to the altar, (during offering) to retrieve the packets as opposed to mass distribution.

    7. SHARED EQUIPMENT – All shared ministry devices (microphones, computer keyboards, cameras, etc.) will be thoroughly wiped down with alcohol wipes before being used by the next individual.


The following are some helpful hints if you think you may be at risk for COVID-19.

  • Remember that the majority of COVID-19 infections will be mild.  Children appear to be protected from severe infection, but may transfer the infection to other persons.  Older persons with chronic medical conditions that affect the immune system are at highest risk for severe infection.

  • Contact your doctor if you develop a severe cough, fever, or shortness of breath.  If you are concerned that you have been exposed to COVID-19 and you become sick, wear a mask in any public space.  Because test kits for COVID-19 are limited, expect that you may not get tested for COVID-19 unless you have clear risk factors for the infection.

  • Although most cases of COVID-19 will be mild, a minority of cases (likely less than 20 per cent), will be severe.  Because there is no known curative treatment for COVID-19, expect that you may be instructed to self-isolate at home if you have mild symptoms.

Remain prayerful and confident in the power of our God to protect us in this crisis!

Overseer Chandler